Client Testimonials

Sara has a “great temperament for our schools (which I happen to believe is important), understands our  schools, and so forth.  All in all, a great fit.”
CEO, Crisis Communications Company

“I wanted to thank you for your presentation.  There has been a lot of positive feedback, everyone thinking it was an overwhelming success.  It’s nice when a plan comes together.  Thanks for this and all your help with a variety of matters over the past year and a half.”
Business Manager, Independent School

“Congratulations to you and your firm. Hard work and skill getting well deserved recognition.”
Chief Operating Officer, Independent School

“You were crucial to the success of the mission!  And you are wonderful to work with.”
Chief Financial Officer, Non-Profit Organization

“The ‘Myths and Traps Regarding Wage and Hour Practices at Independent Schools’ webinar was one of the best that I have attended through NBOA.  The presenter was dynamic and well prepared.  The materials were extremely helpful.  I definitely know who to call if my school ever finds itself in an employment quagmire.”
Business Director, Independent School