Schwartz Hannum Provides Pro Bono Services To Back Bay Businesses

[May 2, 2013]  As described in a recent Boston Business Journal (“BBJ”) article, Schwartz Hannum has volunteered, through the Boston Bar Association, to provide pro bono legal services to businesses affected by the Boston Marathon bombings.  Such businesses may face difficulty obtaining insurance coverage for property damage and business interruption, and may need to provide accommodations for injured employees.  Another issue flagged by Will Hannum in the BBJ article is whether workers’ compensation insurance will cover injured workers.

Emphasizing that this crisis presents unique challenges, Will explained to the BBJ:  “This is a situation in which [business owners and employees] are going to work together and get through it together.”  The goal for employers is to do so in a way “that will be in the employers’ best interest at the same time as the employees’ best interest.”

As reported in the ABA Journal, Will has also explained that businesses could “get themselves in trouble” if they take actions perceived as unfair, such as firing employees who are too upset to work.

Schwartz Hannum looks forward to assisting Back Bay businesses with practical, creative, and thoughtful solutions to these challenging issues.

Ski Trip Chaperone Eligible For Workers’ Compensation Benefits

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court recently ruled that a teacher who was injured while chaperoning a class ski trip was entitled to workers’ compensation benefits for her related medical expenses.  The Court found that, as a chaperone, the teacher was not engaged in a “recreational” activity, which is an excluded activity under the Massachusetts workers’ compensation statute, M.G.L. c. 152.  Read more.